Private Detective Murders

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The Hooded Person
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Captain Holt hires Thanet Blake to find out who is helping stop crime in the city while wearing a disguise. Holt wants to arrest The Hooded Person. Blake thinks otherwise.
Thanet Blake
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When Thanet Blake checked into police headquarter he had no idea he was going to be asked by police captain Holt to find the killer of serial killer Stanley Sudowsky. Thanet agreed to look around because Holt t MORE...
The Boa Murders
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One look at the two teenagers told me they were scared as much as humans can be and with good reason. They were wearing scarlet Boas, a symbol for a certain group of streetwalkers who were being murdered by a m MORE...
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Jennifer has never phoned me until now. She said come at once and be careful about being followed. I broke the speed limit through the city’s usual traffic problem. The sound of her voice over my Ameche said sh MORE...
Memorial Day
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All graveyards are sad. Mother and I visit three of them to pay our respect to those who have gone on. But this graveyard is different. I keep hearing a male voice. No matter where I look I can’t see him. I’m c MORE...
Holiday Spirit
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Thanet Blake is a hardboiled, no nonsense Private Eye—that is, except when it comes to children and holidays. Then, he falls to pieces. Wouldn’t you know it, it is Christmas time and a cute adorable, seven year MORE...
The Private Eye Murders
Some people are convinced that Private Eye Thanet Blake is a social pariah. Others believe having contact with him insures them of having a short life. A few are convinced he works for the city’s mortuaries and MORE...
The Ferguson Muder
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The standard private eye gimmick in Hollywood is to have a gorgeous blonde breathing minted mouth perfume at a downbeat detective as she asks him to handle a problem only he can solve. Real detectives are neve MORE...
Private Detective Murders Bundle 1
Private Detective Murders Bundle 1 If the cops do nothing to help you, and private detectives take only your money and come up with no results, then you need Thanet Blake. He gets the job done. Bundle Con MORE...