Sex in Suburbia – Guys Misbehaving

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Summer Storm
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When Randy, who’s gay, offers his straight pal, Jake, a place to stay after his lady friend shows him the door, Randy’s sexual angst quickly rises to dangerous levels. He’s sorely tempted, but he’s not the kind MORE...
On The Firing Range
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Grant manages to land a new job as a security guard, but stabs truth in the back when asked about his ability to handle a gun. He goes to a firing range to work on his marksmanship and it quickly becomes very c MORE...
Over the Back Fence
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For years, Pete Ralston’s backyard fence has provided a privacy screen to shield him from the neighbors. Then he meets Bill Carter, the new owner of the property behind him, and his thoughts concerning the bene MORE...
The Opportunist
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Clay Phillips has been branded by gal pal Reba as devious, unscrupulous and unprincipled in his dealings with men—in short, he’s an opportunist. Clay is good with that definition until he meets Lenny Mitchell, MORE...
Breaking the Rules
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The man Max loved has become a hopeless alcoholic. The man Charlie trusted has left him bankrupt and homeless. When they meet, neither man is in any position to start a relationship, but there are times when th MORE...
Duet for Daddies
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Dave Baxter is so intent on seeing his young son off to camp that he doesn’t even notice Ken Singer, the man with the bat strapped to the duffel bag, until he starts to see stars. When he regains consciousness, MORE...
Holiday Bachelors
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When their wives take off to Europe for a couple of weeks, Dan and Jack become holiday bachelors. While bunking in the same house, they quickly discover that there is more going on between them than a simple fr MORE...
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