Chaos Bleeds

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Devil's Promise (MF)
After forgetting his anniversary, Devil knows he has got to do something serious to make it up to Lexie. She puts up with all of his shit and everything with the club, he doesn’t want her to ever doubt his love MORE...
Butler's Woman (MF)
Butler’s life is all about Chaos Bleeds MC. That’s all he’s ever known, and to make sure he could protect the club, he got clean when they needed him to. His past shouldn’t be haunting him, not now, but his new MORE...
Natalie's Choice (MF)
Natalie Pritchard doesn’t want to come between the men of Chaos Bleeds. So when Slash and Butler both try to compete for her, she’s not having any of it, and steps away from them. Slash is pissed. He’s wanted MORE...
Sinner's Possession (MF)
At Master’s hands, Lola went through hell. She was rescued, and she healed her body, but she never healed her mind. Everywhere she goes, Sinner is constantly concerned that something will trigger the darkness i MORE...
Master (MF)
5 ratings
“I want to play a game.” Master has plagued The Skulls and Chaos Bleeds for a long time. He has sent Gash to Prison, taken Paris, raped and murdered innocent men and women. Now after a mass shootout ordered MORE...
Broken Hearts (MF)
During his time in rehab, Dick met a woman who helped him through the worst of his withdrawal. Martha was there for her sister, but Dick got close to her. She became his salvation, his reason for fighting the d MORE...
Snake's Addiction (MF)
Snake’s used to getting what he wants. Women fall all over him so much that he doesn’t have to make any effort to get them into bed. The nurse Jessica is the first woman to make him work for every second spent MORE...
Death's Dirty Demands (MF)
It’s the festive season, and the Chaos Bleeds MC is spending it at the clubhouse, where the women are making it sickly sweet. Death has tried to keep his distance from the redhead, Brianna. He knows there’s som MORE...
Blind Devotion (MF)
Ever since he learned of the death of his friend, Ashley, Pussy has been trying to do what was right for the club. Gonzalez, the new threat that The Skulls and Chaos Bleeds face, is worse than any of them antic MORE...
Curse's Claim (MF)
Curse rarely deals with complicated women. Chaos Bleeds is the only place where his loyalty lies. He loves women and he certainly loves to give them a good time. Nothing was ever going to change him or force hi MORE...
Ripper's Torment (MF)
A late night phone call was never supposed to cause so much torment. Ripper will do anything for Chaos Bleeds, including cleaning up the Princess’s mess. When Judi calls him, he answers without thinking, and MORE...
Devil's Charm (MF)
No one screws with the Chaos Bleeds crew! Devil is on the hunt for the whore who stole his kid. She may have given birth to his child, but she’ll never be the baby’s mother. When her sister, Kayla, knocks on MORE...
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