Song of the Sea

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Irish Mist
1 ratings
Caelum, Ippy, and Hannah have found a sense of completeness with each other. They're best friends and they love each other, everything should be perfect, exactly like they always talked about it being. But find MORE...
Irish Melody
1 ratings
Two years after Hannah and Ippy rescued Caelum, Ippy has heard his best friend become close to the selkie. He’s glad for their connection, but wants to get to know Caelum as well. This is harder for Ippy since MORE...
Irish Magic
1 ratings
Hannah Glass has a pretty fantastic life and she knows it. Both of her dads are awesome, she’s a human in a pack of werewolves, and her best friend is a werewolf, too. But her ability to see the werewolves as t MORE...