Winter's Advent

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Brijit in Chains
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Betrayed by her lover, Brijit is now at the mercy of Eochaid and his rabid quest to discover the limits of being a vampire. Starved to the point of madness, escape seems impossible until an unlikely pairing and MORE...
Brijit's Pursuit
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Two hundred years after that fateful night in Ireland, Brijit has settled in London. Though she lives a comfortable life, she is haunted by nightmares from the past that force her to keep a watchful eye for the MORE...
The Taking of Brijit
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Chained to an Irish hillside, Brijit is at the mercy of the madman, Eochaid. After undergoing a painful transformation at his hands, Brijit must come to terms with her new reality as a vampire and seek help fro MORE...
Eochaid's Obsession
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Long before the world was laid waste in Shelter from the Winter, Brijit lived a happy life with her husband Fáelán and daughter Almaith in medieval Ireland. The appearance of the mysterious Eochaid begins a dan MORE...
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