The Time Surfer

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Present Day Partners
Shelby and Quentin invite Ivak, the invisible time agent, to present day St. Louis for a bit of relaxation. They introduce Ivak to Sara Shaw, a determined up-and-coming real estate tycoon. Ivak falls hard for t MORE...
Fooling around in the Future
Time travelers Shelby and Quentin escape to the future only to find themselves trapped aboard an orgy spaceship of an evil outlaw time agent. With a price on his head, Quentin hides and Shelby finds herself dra MORE...
Playing with the Past
When Shelby meets the mysterious Quentin it’s lust at first…grope. Deciding that it’s time she made some changes, Shelby agrees to accompany Quentin on a trip, only to discover that he is indeed the rogue 42nd MORE...
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