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Gifted with Hydrangea (MM)
Rudo finally gets to claim Ryker. All they want is their happily ever after, but their mating is threatened when Rudo's former alpha betrays them, sending Rudo back into captivity. Things only get worse after t MORE...
The Vampire's Bat (MF)
When the mystery visitor he has been scenting for just over a week suddenly appears in his infirmary, wearing only his shirt, Seamus’s bonding instinct slams into him hard. But Maysa has been an experimental te MORE...
Barely Winging It (MF)
Two couples, Dultyn and Havana, Nix and Bronya, are brought together and tested by fate. Dultyn has to learn how to overcome his past or he risks losing what matters most to him—but time is not on his side. T MORE...
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