Men's League

by Kelex
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Receive (MM)
2 ratings
Quarterback Nash Carter has been at war, fighting to keep his space on The Rockets arena team. Using the only weapon he knows, his body, he gives himself over to the team owner, Bailey Thompson, in hopes of kee MORE...
Tackle (MM)
1 ratings
Ex-NFL player Lionel Hightower now finds himself the captain of The Rockets arena team, a position he took to support his good friend and team owner, Bailey Thompson. When a play goes wrong and Lionel’s taken d MORE...
Huddle (MMM)
1 ratings
Arrogant quarterback Aiden Summers thinks he’s God’s gift to football. When he’s not drafted, he and the country are shocked, but his cocky attitude barely wavers. Another offer to play ball, in a lesser league MORE...