Shifter Rebellion

by Kelex
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The Forgotten Prince (MMMM)
Disfigured at birth, Aleth was marked for death in a too perfect shifter race. He survived unbeknownst to his father, until his remarkable power was brought to light. Aleth was used by the invading Xakarrian MORE...
The Whorehouse Oracle (MMMM)
Book 2 in the Shifter Rebellion Series Triad brothers Tyron, Smythe, and Artim are sent back to Planet X in hopes of finding the whereabouts of the Shifter King. Along the way, Tyron plans to also seek out a r MORE...
Best Little Whorehouse on Planet X (MMMM)
Agarri, the Shapeshifter Prince, has been in hiding for several years after the Xakarrian Army invaded and overthrew his father. Awaiting the prophesied triad of males who would come find him, the soft prince w MORE...
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