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The Devil You Know
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Hell Lord Eligos has been tossed out of Hell, all because of a meddling mage. Now he has to rely on the same mage to try and get himself back home where the smell of sulfur is the smell of happiness. There is o MORE...
At the End of the Rainbow
0 ratings
Deep under the ocean is the hall of the water fae, Saul needs to go there to get help for a case the Echelon has to work. So he tricks Marina, the heir to the throne, to get him in. What he doesn’t count on i MORE...
From Hell, With Love
1 ratings
A damned soul, Dexter is trapped in Hell, until he sees Lorelei for the first time. Now he is doing everything he can to get out of Hell so he can make the angel of a woman fall in love with him. Lorelei has MORE...
The Hunger

The Hunger

Evi Asher (Published by: eXtasy Books )
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Caden Remington was killed in action, but he didn't stay dead. An unscrupulous government agency brought him back to life by mixing his DNA with some unknown creature, and now he is a zombie. He hates what he i MORE...

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