Love on Fire

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Through the Fire
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Keith “Kat” Williams is the best friend everyone wants. As bassist for the punk rock band Lightning, his level head and cool composure were the glue that held the band together, even in the worst of times. His MORE...
Adrian and Melody
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It’s been five years since Adrian “Bolt” Hall was given a second chance at life and he’s made the most of it. The anger and bitterness of his youth? Vanished. The drama and heartache of the past? Gone. Together MORE...
Adrian's Melody
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After five years of separation Melody and Adrian are together once again and along with their daughter, Adrianna, are planning a happy future. Adrian’s band, Lightning, is a worldwide success and Melody is on h MORE...
A Melody For Adrian
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Absolutely no one stands up to Bolt Hall without suffering the consequences. But Melody does, stopping Bolt from bullying a fellow student, embarrassing him in front of his fellow classmates and tarnishing his MORE...