Midnight's Jewels

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Carnelian (FF)
Jeri’s death left a hole in Bali’s heart, and she’s eager for vengeance. However, there is no clear-cut target until a face from the past shines a light into the dark. It’s not just the murky waters of the past MORE...
Zhara's Fire (FF)
Zhara Barkline’s life has been fairly simple. She’s a successful club owner who’s content with her life despite her inability to approach the one woman she wants most. Then, one misstep from her cousin puts Zha MORE...
Ruby (FF)
1 ratings
Ruby is a gem psychic with a tarnished past and no reason to trust. She’s on the run from those who’d love to use her power to gain immortality, but fate throws her into the arms of a vampire bat shifter. Jase MORE...
Azure (FF)
1 ratings
Azure Agate wasn’t looking for love or any complication in her life. Then, her best-friend was murdered right before her eyes bringing a sexy protector into her life. Azure isn’t sure she can trust this woman, MORE...
Sapphire (FF)
1 ratings
Sapphire Diamond is on top of the world. She’s the star of a killer collection and has just been promoted to head designer of Red Silk. However, her life is about to be turned upside down by bat shifter traffic MORE...
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