SEALs in Love

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Digging Deep
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Navy SEAL Wes Morgan is taking a break from trying to convince his CO he doesn’t want the man's job. He plans to spend his six weeks of leave in the Alberta Badlands searching for dinosaur fossils with his ma. MORE...
Finding Home
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Farley Kim is a Navy SEAL so he’s used to orders. He’s been ordered to New York by his beloved grandmother, where he finds her slowly recuperating from a near-fatal car accident. Natalia, her live-in nurse, isn MORE...
True North
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Navy SEAL Jake Erickson is dead tired after two years without a break, so he takes his 1967 Mustang convertible and heads north. Shelle, who has only a few months left before she can sell her dead twin’s B& MORE...
Running Scared
After surviving horrors lesser men wouldn’t have, Blake’s home on leave and run down by a car while out for a morning run. The angel standing over him when he wakes up from surgery is his assailant, and then hi MORE...
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