Team Paladin

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White Tiger Mate (MM)
When two strong alpha types come together, more than just sparks fly... Two years ago, General Micah Andrews denied the mating pull he felt for Zach Tyler and walked away. Since then, Micah has been doing his MORE...
Cajun Thunder (MM)
Becker Baptiste is on the run and was sent to Paladin to ask for their help. Exhausted and battered, he is trying to keep his infant niece, Sabine, from being murdered. When he meets a naked man on the road int MORE...
Teddy's Bear (MM)
Teddy’s in shock after being kidnapped. Even more so when the shifter side that's been dormant his entire life comes to life. At least his attraction to Dallas now makes perfect sense. Dallas knows immediatel MORE...
Jack and the Ginger with a Twist (MMM)
Going out alone was Griffin Bower’s first mistake. Accepting a drink from a stranger was his second. After spending a week as a whipping boy to a sadist who called himself “Doctor Pain”, a guard helps Griffin e MORE...
Dirty Irishman (MM)
Marine veteran and panther shifter Forrest Bell has given up on life. A double amputee, he does as he is ordered then spends the rest of his time sitting on the front porch of the hotel waiting to die. His pant MORE...
Lucky's Seven (MM)
While recovering, Marine special unit Team Paladin wins a $565-million dollar lottery. The first thing they do is hire a personal assistant to deal with the insanity that much money will bring. Desperate for MORE...
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