Heavy Metal Blues

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Heavy Metal Blues Box Set (MM)
Multi-published author J.D. Walker brings you four gay erotic romances that will warm your heart, from the quirky story which pits a country music fan against a "metal boy" to the bittersweet tale of a rigid CF MORE...
Heavy Metal Heartfelt Blues (MM)
Bridges Barfield is a man of rigid standards and stern demeanor. He finds it hard to relax and accept new things, though he gives it his best. He’s still recovering from the end of a bad relationship, but he’s MORE...
Heavy Metal Sunshine Blues (MM)
Sonny Bonhomie is happy by nature. Nothing ever stops him from going after what he wants, which is how he ends up in bed with the very sexy Noah Stiles. They spend a great night together and all is roses, until MORE...
Heavy Metal Bicycle Blues (MM)
Kenny Culpepper is a spin instructor at a local gym, but he used to be a bike courier, too. Truth is, he’s still recovering from the time his former roommate, Biff Tremonte, viciously attacked him and threw him MORE...
Heavy Metal Cowboy Blues (MM)
Lester “Les” McCoy is a retired cowboy who now lives in the city, working days at the Ranch and Feed. He loves his country music. Not so his tenant, Damien Ridley, who lives downstairs in his duplex and works e MORE...
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