The Sarrans

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The Sarrans Box Set (MMF)
Four best-selling MMF science fiction romance novels by popular author A.C. Katt now available in one box set! Contains the stories: The Sarran Plague: The Sarran Warriors came home from victory to genocide. T MORE...
The Sarran Senator (MMF)
1 ratings
The Sarrans return home from Earth in triumph, having gained many new Earthen fems, coffee, chocolate, and cats. Senator Samuel Johnson joins his grandson Michael, his daughter Sara, and her WarriorPair on Sar MORE...
The Sarrans Return (MMF)
4 ratings
The Sarrans are back and they are angry. They heard from their fems that women on Earth are abused. Horrified, they made it part of their mission to rescue these women from their abusers. Mark and Juraens lead MORE...
Living With Syn (MMF)
2 ratings
Sequel to The Sarran Plague Syn Sinclair is one of the women taken from Earth to Sarran to replenish the fem population. While still en route on the Brightstar, Syn meets the Sarran Elder, TeZaron and thinks h MORE...
The Sarran Plague (MMF)
5 ratings
On far away Sarran, the Warriorpair Jonal and Tonas, along with the rest of the planet's males, lost their Fem when the Zyptz unleased a toxin that killed only females. Sarrans mates in Triad, two males with on MORE...
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