Gifts of the Fae

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The Satyr's Seduction
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Like most satyrs, Simon Farmer has expensive and varied taste. He’s not in the market for anything more than a few drinks and as many lovers as he can manage. When he catches the eyes of bartender, Peter Cowan, MORE...
The Dryad's Dilemma
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Darius Dembari is an oddity—a male dryad in a world where only the women are taken seriously. Both a male model and an eco-activist, Darius finds that the men he meets can’t keep up with him sexually. He despai MORE...
The Leprechaun’s Gamble
Ailin O’Sullivan is a leprechaun on a quest for love. On Saint Patrick’s Day, a portal from Fairie to the mortal world opens for a few seconds and young leprechauns pour out and try to find love before the Spri MORE...