Black Mesa

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Beast Betrayed
Daniel thought Brand was joking when he talked of vampires, until one, burning up from the sun, ran into the barn. Raymond begged for help to save a child, saying a previous acquaintance of Brand’s had given h MORE...
Revenge Against the Beasts
A devoted loner before meeting Daniel, Brand is plagued by others intruding into their lives. Shannon and Collin and Philip and Samuel may never stop bringing them their troubles. Alpha Silver chasing after Cru MORE...
Nature of the Beast
Daniel and Brand’s relationship survived the first six months of murder attempts and discovering Daniel was a sleeping cat shifter. They should have lived happily every after but the fates had other challenges MORE...
A Beast of Vengeance
Though he posed as a teenage gay hooker, Daniel had never been with a man and was only mildly curious about how it would be. As a cop, he thought he’d seen it all, until he propositioned the stranger, touched h MORE...
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