Vampire Vigilantes

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Her Bodyguards
1 ratings
Ash and Grey have settled into their new lives as cave dwellers in the most coveted safe house. They have formed an amiable union with the high vampire Drake, the werewolf Ax, and Orla the fairy. Things, howe MORE...
In Exchange For Freedom
1 ratings
Grey turned Ash three years earlier, leaving her as a half-breed vampire. She is massively addicted to chocolate, but other than her lack of fangs, seems to fit the norm for vampire kind. Ash and Grey’s love ha MORE...
Ashes to Ash
0 ratings
Mara met Grey years before. He’s trouble, in and out of jail, the personification of a bad boy. Yet, the attraction between them is unmistakable. There’s only one problem, Mara is married. Time has passed si MORE...