Kinky Kritters

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Gagging the Gharial
Kyan hid his true self away, afraid that Sai would reject his kinky side. He tried to be happy with Sai in a love without kink, but when his true side slipped out, he lost Sai. Rejected and heartbroken, he move MORE...
Teasing the Tarantula
Everyone is welcome at Kinky Kritters, even tarantulas out looking to celebrate with their elephant boyfriends.
Flirting With the Ferret
After a long night serving drinks at Kinky Kritters, Amani is exhausted, but his Dom has one more task for him before he’s done for the night.
Pleasing the Panther
When Rodney is late for work, his boss has a new way to make sure it won’t happen again.
Tempted by the Tiger
Loren is a hedgehog with money to burn. A successful businessman, occasionally he enjoys the atmosphere at Kinky Kritters. One night he spies a new face—a blindfolded tiger who isn’t shy about giving sexual ple MORE...
Subduing the Shark
Jack knew he’d get in trouble for helping the police rescue Amani from the crane, but the shark never dreamed part of his punishment would be working at Kinky Kritters. The job proves to be a safe haven from th MORE...
Flogged by the Ferret
After being banned from Kinky Kritters, the sharks want revenge and Lady Leo’s son Amani makes an easy target. They decide to kidnap him and then sell him off to a crane, one who has been searching for a pretty MORE...
Punishing the Panda
Panda shifter Rodney is in trouble. His gambling debts are well over what he can ever hope to pay off, and now the sharks are after him. They find him one night and Rodney thinks he’s in for a beating, but inst MORE...