Elemental Series

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Burn (MF)
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Arianna Carosella moved to the small coastal town looking to start fresh. New town, new job, new life—the whole nine yards. She wasn’t looking for a man. She certainly didn’t expect to meet one with a secret as MORE...
Dirty (MF)
0 ratings
Clarabelle Buchannon never imagined the secret Logan Hawke and his family kept. But no amazing secret would change how she felt. The real problem wasn’t that the man she wanted controlled the earth—it was tha MORE...
Blown (MF)
0 ratings
With enemies that can pull lightning from the sky, it’s probably a bad time to fall in love. Air elemental Nate Hawke had it bad for his new renter, Madison Price. He should have been staying away, but then it MORE...
Wet (MF)
0 ratings
Blake Hawke, first born of the four Hawke brothers, has the ability to control water. Keeping the family secret is a big deal. A deal Blake all but throws out the window when he finds Brooke sitting alone on t MORE...
Touch (MF)
0 ratings
After two and a half years of silence, Angela Hawke hoped the war between her family and the Matthews family was over. Another bad break-up behind her, Angela decided to go home. She didn’t mean to run MORE...