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Avtappi Express
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Exhausted from war, grieving the loss of his first rider, Dynami returns to Okyro uncertain what the future might hold. He gains a new rider and under S’Yrinim’s steady hand, he heals and learns to enjoy life o MORE...
Reflection of Ice
1 ratings
Reflection-of-Ice is a vranyxi with a problem: she’s old enough to take a mate, but she doesn’t like any of the bachelor vranyxia she’s met. So, she runs away before the Gathering begins. Hiding out on the Okyr MORE...
Aemyna Line
0 ratings
Dynami is a war steed trained to the highest standards of the brotherhood of dark servants of the Lord of Night. His purpose in life is to fight the monstrous creatures of the Goddess of Chaos, the enemy of all MORE...