Blackstone Manor

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Blackstone Manor Box Set (MM)
Masonry gargoyle Io is head over heels in love with the alpha Cinder, but it might take some convincing to get Cinder on board. What better way of catching Cinder's eye than gifting him Blackstone Manor? Cinder MORE...
A Gargoyle Christmas (MM)
Sequel to Promised Just like he did for Halloween, Io has decided to go all out for Christmas, a holiday not typically celebrated by the family. With the decorations up, the only thing he needs to make it perf MORE...
Promised (MM)
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Sequel to Heart's Triumph Blackstone Manor is complete, and what better way to celebrate than a Halloween party? At least, that’s how Io sees it. He’s already splurged on candy and decorations. Cinder isn’t en MORE...
Heart's Triumph (MM)
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Sequel to Blackstone Manor Two months have passed since Masonry Gargoyle Io came clean with Cinder about his feelings. Of course, in the process, he broke a major rule. Cinder stood by him, at a price, as the MORE...
Blackstone Manor (MM)
Io is a Masonry Gargoyle tasked with looking after old buildings to help maintain a balance, and he’s hopelessly in love with his alpha, Cinder. If only he wasn’t such a screw up. With Cinder’s birthday right a MORE...
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