Club Strigoi

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Novel Experience
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Dani enters Club Strigoi for inspiration for her newest novel. At first she is harassed, but a handsome bouncer comes to her aid. Now that she's been given the go ahead from her editor, she wants to reenter the MORE...
Beneath the Surface
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Lalita loves Hollywood clichés. They allow her the freedom to do practically anything she wants to do. After all, who would ever expect to find a real Vampire living the cliché? Now, the only problem she has is MORE...
Club Strigoi Shots: Phoenix
Lisa is single again. After a horrible breakup with an abusive boyfriend, she finally gets to enjoy a long-overdue girls night out. But what happens when her good time is interrupted by her ex-a man she can't MORE...
Club Strigoi Shots: Chameleon
Lexy had a hard day at work. So tonight she plans on going out and having a good time. What starts off as just a night of unwinding quickly turns into an adventure she wouldn't have thought possible. What woul MORE...
Club Strigoi Shots: Chimera
Being new to the Club Strigoi world has its benefits...or its dangers. What happens when a girl who always does exactly what she should decides to walk on the wilder side of things for just one night?