The Guardians

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Spirit Shattered (MF)
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Only a Guardian's love can soothe her jaded heart. Growing up in South Boston, Danika Callaghan was taught early on that life is neither kind nor fair. Fighting has kept her alive on more than one occasion. Un MORE...
Spirit Song (MF)
0 ratings
The assassin and the angel. Can her song redeem his soul? Miranda Devalande had long since given up on her dreams of a happy life. Forced to sing at mob boss Slick Sal's seedy nightclub to cover her brother's MORE...
Spirit Bound (MF)
0 ratings
The Guardians Book Two Ancient danger. Deadly rivals. A love that spans the Void of time... Kidnapped and tortured for days, grad student Calliope Vandeen is sure her pleas for mercy have fallen on deaf ears MORE...
Spirit Fall (MF)
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After a year-long depression following the murder of her fiancé, Siobhan Whelan stands on a bridge, tormented by unending nightmares, one step away from jumping. Only the kindness of a seductive stranger brings MORE...