Fireside Romance

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Fireside Romance Box Set (MM)
All four novels in Drew Hunt's best-selling gay erotic romance series, Fireside Romance, are now available in one box set! Contains the stories: First Flames: One evening, when the loneliness becomes overwhelm MORE...
Fireside Romance Book 4: Glowing Embers (MM)
Simon Peters and his partner Mark Smith face a number of challenging life events in the fourth and final volume of this heart-warming saga. Because of his time working on the streets after being kicked out of MORE...
Fireside Romance Book 3: Heating Up (MM)
The third book in the Fireside Romance saga sees Simon Peters and Mark Smith return from their summer holiday in Menorca, Spain, where they exchanged wedding rings. As a committed couple, Simon and Mark widen MORE...
Fireside Romance Book 2: Burning Brighter (MM)
After declaring their love for each other on Christmas Day, Simon Peters and Mark Smith settle down to a cosy life of domestic togetherness. A new year brings new joys and challenges. Sam, a neighbour boy come MORE...
Fireside Romance Book 1: First Flames (MM)
A gentle, cosy, and touching romance set in mid-1980's Yorkshire. Simon Peters knows he’s Mr. Average. He works at the local library during the day and goes home to his modest and lonely house at night. Mark MORE...
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