Michael Brin, Homicide Detective Series

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Dr. Grend Is Missing
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 In the distant future, not long after Dr. Grend arrived on a moon called Lo Pla trying to find a cure for cancer, she stopped sending 3D holographic messages to her employer, Physitan Corporation.
Tavo Is Dead
0 ratings
A woman’s body has been found on a street in Unif, a town on Lasho, a newly constructed moon. She’s a victim without any ID that was shot in the back of the head with a laser beam. Detective Brin ha MORE...
Dr Nof is Missing 3
0 ratings
The shape-shifting robot could be aboard the platinum spaceship. If it is, Detective Brin must find the ship and capture his fugitive. The only beings on Wacev, the Dooyen, fishermen, and fisherwomen, spend mos MORE...
Dr Nof is Missing 2
0 ratings
Detective Brin heads for a moon called Riet, wanting to find and arrest the shape-shifting robot that murdered Dr. Nof. Can Brin find the shape-shifting robot that murdered Dr. Nof? Because it can hide in this MORE...
Dr. Nof Is Missing
0 ratings
Dr. Nof, a biochemist who has traveled to a moon called Barom in order to find a cure for plagues, is missing. Because dangerous beasts roam Barom’s jungles, finding her will be a challenge.
Jade Mountain
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Michael Brin, a homicide detective, is sent to a sparsely populated moon called Fara to find two missing scientists.