The Light Between Us

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The Light Between Us Box Set (MM)
When author Christian Rivers meets Milestone County's Sheriff Philip Erickson, a spark of attraction flickers between them. The three stories in this collection fan the flames of that attraction, and the love C MORE...
Heaven's Light (MM)
Sequel to Winter's Light Christian Rivers receives the phone call he has been dreading for six months. His father has died. Flying home to Arizona with his husband Phillip, Christian arrives in Glendale to a MORE...
Winter's Light (MM)
Sequel to A Light in the Dark During the past year, author Christian Rivers has sold his house and moved in with the love of his life, Milestone County’s chief of police, Sheriff Philip Erickson. Things couldn MORE...
A Light in the Dark (MM)
Christian Rivers has been single for a year and a half. Emotionally disconnected, he focuses on writing his next best seller. Unfortunately, his neighbor’s teenage son, Bret Hicks, causes trouble next door with MORE...
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