Romanian Chronicles

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The Mystic Master
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Gage was kidnapped years ago and taken far from his home in America. He was sold into sexual slavery to the owner of a mining operation in Russia, but soon found himself being used to reward the miners for thei MORE...
The Pack Master
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Sutton had completed his years of Service and was now a wealthy independent marked man. The only thing he was missing was someone to share his life with—someone who sexually dominated him like he craved. He m MORE...
The Reanimated Master
Reed Killington’s life had always been in the service of another man. Now that his contract has been satisfied, he is entirely on his own for the first time ever. He can finally do the things he has always drea MORE...
The Dark Master
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Grayson Edwards was excited to enter The Service but found that he was not satisfied with his new Master. After completing his assignment, he contracts with the State Department, specializing in negotiations. H MORE...
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