Beautiful People

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Reaching for Emeralds (MF)
She'll give him her body, but can he win over her heart? Jackson Shipman was the golden child growing up and an outstanding athlete. The ex-baseball player is now District Attorney for Dallas County. He’s stil MORE...
Crimson Sunsets (MF)
“I won’t be making love to you. I won’t be slow or sweet.” “I never asked for either." Not one to be controlled by a woman, Hartley turns me to jelly. One look from her and I’m a goner. She makes me want to MORE...
Pink Lilies (MF)
Moments in our lives can change us forever. Death, suffering, illness … they can bring us to our knees. Pull us into the dark. Control our every move and maybe even shatter us. Alexa Bohmann’s beauty brough MORE...
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The Gentry Duo
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