The Aphrodite Chronicles

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Us. Again. (MF)
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She loved him, but was destined to be with another. Talia Karros had been betrothed to a dragon shifter she didn’t love. Her heart belonged to a human but her parents had plans of their own for her. Illinoisa MORE...
Love Reawakened (MF)
Drea Tate had loved and lost … and gained. Having been told her lover died and her life was in danger, Drea left her home in the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania to start anew in Cicada Lake. Micah Bridg MORE...
Return to Me (MF)
Her secret tore them apart. Naida Bouche foolishly thought she could live only as a human. Her true nature hung over her like a thunderhead, driving a wedge between her and her husband. Cooper Martin had no MORE...
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