In Bed

by Kelex
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New Neighbor (MM)
3 ratings
Benjamin “Benji” McGill has always been the runt of the litter. Be it his family or his group of friends, he’s always felt like he was less than, flying under the radar. Unseen. The fifth wheel. When Mac mov MORE...
Past Lovers (MM)
2 ratings
Five years ago, best friends Adam and Clay spent a drunken night together. Adam slipped from the guy’s bed before Clay awakened—and when nothing was said in the light of day—he thought maybe the secret was safe MORE...
Best Friends (MM)
2 ratings
Five old college buddies drifting away from one another… One last chance to get things right… Jesse’s friends are falling apart. Adam and Clay are at odds—again. Benji is growing more distant. And don’t even MORE...