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Omri (MM)
0 ratings
I’m one of the Virtues. My job is to preside over weather events and movement of the celestial bodies. Despite my limited interaction with humans, I am drawn by this one who I witness kill a demon. From that mo MORE...
Rao (MM)
0 ratings
I’m one of the Seraphim. I exist in the uppermost part of the hierarchy. I am to dispel and destroy the shadows of darkness. One day my perfect world is tossed into chaos and I meet Felix. He intrigues me unlik MORE...
Sagar (MM)
0 ratings
I’m one of the Angels. My duty is to be a messenger and to watch over the mortals. I protect them. Secretly I’ve wanted to be one of the warriors, but I tell no one my wish. I have a place in the hierarchy, and MORE...
Demuri (MM)
3 ratings
I’m one of the Powers. My duty is to be on guard for demonic attacks and protect the byways between Heaven and Hell. I’ve never had any reason to doubt my work, to question my purpose, until him… Tristan Mori MORE...
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