The Irish Gods

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Goddess of the Dead
0 ratings
Mo Noonan’s life is falling apart. She's failed out of grad school. Her fiancé just dumped her in front of all her friends. Her mother thinks she's a failure. And now she's dead. MORE...
Curse of the Gods
1 ratings
Amory Wright’s world is changing. Her son is off to college and her husband, Steven, has accepted a new job that moves them to Dublin. There, she begins to work for David Abernathy, owner of Love Spot. It’s her MORE...
God of the Sea
0 ratings
God of the Sea, book 2 in the Irish Gods series, tells the tale of Ellie Selkirk―elementary school teacher, bartender, and one-time Seer. She has left the world of gods and magic behind and settled into an ordi MORE...
Gods and Mortals
0 ratings
Gods. Ghosts. Murder. Maeve Devlin has no idea what to expect when she travels to Ireland for a vacation, but definitely not the supernatural or an old god obsessed with her. What should be a fun time reconne MORE...