Big Dog Montana Pack

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Her Cowboy Wolf: Ava's Story
She risked her life to get to him. He’ll risk his to keep her as his mate. Ava Wright has spent her entire life feeling alone in the Red Wolf pack where her father is Alpha. Her unique visions made her a victi MORE...
Her Cowboy Wolf: Macy's Story
Zane had left her heartbroken once before, could Macy learn to love a man she didn’t trust? Even if that man was her mate? As the younger sister of the Alpha, and the Beta of the Big Dog Pack, Macy James grew MORE...
Her Cowboy Wolf
Cassidy I am excited to get the invite to visit my former college roommate Macy at her family’s ranch in Big Dog, Montana. As a high school science teacher, I can certainly work some lesson plans into the next MORE...
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