The Anrodnes Chronicles

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Drums in the Rain
0 ratings
Can a deadly assassin hold on to a love he thought lost forever...?   Hredeen has been exiled from his emperor's side, the only place he had found a home, Now after changing th MORE...
Night of Rain (MM)
2 ratings
An assassin, an emperor, and his Chosen. Will their bonds survive intrigue, exile, and war...? Exiled by the emperor he loves, Hredeen Leesian chooses to travel to the once-peaceful kingdom of Bhantan to stop MORE...
Dark Rain  (MM)
1 ratings
Alone behind the mask, only his Chosen could touch him. Raine held no hope for his future. Youngest in a line of brutal, warlike brothers, he is judged to be weak and worthy only to be sold off for political g MORE...