Scorched Souls

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Xanthe and the Seaman
0 ratings
Xanthe Persimmon needs a man, but none of her lovers ever comes back for a return engagement. When Percy Brioche leaves her bed in silence, Xanthe forces him to tell her why. Chilled and disappointed, Xanthe go MORE...
Shedding His Wings For Love
As a guardian angel, Samuel has a duty to watch over and protect a lot of human beings. And he loves each and every one of them dearly. He never gets bored, because his humans are always in need of his help or MORE...
Vegas Lights
0 ratings
It isn’t easy being a sylph in the twenty-first century, especially one cursed by an ex-boyfriend and hunted by her undine brother, but Sylvie Forrest is ready to start over again in Las Vegas, the city t MORE...
His Gentle Incubus
0 ratings
This isn't your typical love at first sight or friends to lovers story. It's more of a lover-slash-horror story. You see, Jonathan fell in love with an incubus. Although, to be fair to him, at first Jon MORE...
Elemental Union
1 ratings
Rhea is a fire wielder—he can create and control fire. In a world where the different element wielders were pushed away from each other because of a war, his father is working on an attempt to reunite the MORE...
Betony Buys Adventure
0 ratings
Betony Field has stuck by the rules and paid her dues while life with a capital L passed her by. A few days before her thirty-fifth birthday, her boyfriend calls it quits, she loses her job, and also her flat. MORE...
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