Armageddon Mates

Average Rating:
Griffen's Mate
3 ratings
Can the destroyer of worlds change her path? Griffen has found his mate, but Pet isn't what anyone expected. He found her near death and nursed her back to health. The pack doesn't approve of their Omega's mat MORE...
Arden's Mate
8 ratings
Can you run from fate, or is destiny's pull too strong? Remy, a young woman with the ability to harness fire, finds herself helping a group of werewolf shifters and other paranormal beings in a battle against MORE...
Ava's Mate
7 ratings
They're not what either one expected or wanted, but they're destined to mate. Ava Wolfen has dreamed of her mate since she was a little girl—a powerful werewolf shifter—but what does fate give her? A shifter-h MORE...
Rane's Mate
5 ratings
If you could help save the world, would you? That’s the choice offered to shy animal empath Kirby Brown by her new friend Faith. Faith is mated to one of a warrior race of werewolves, the only beings who can MORE...
Kane's Mate
10 ratings
Faith's life has always balanced in two worlds—the normal human world and the supernatural. Now she has to choose between the two. Faith York is human, but she has psychic powers, which is a little odd since n MORE...