Warriors of the Elector

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Can Meredith and Chowd survive the politics and war, or will secrets tear them apart? Meredith Gentry is a woman with a mission. Her skills are vital in assisting in the defeat of the rogues who seek to annihi MORE...
Star of the Fleet
When betrayal and loyalty collide, can love overcome all obstacles? Kera Aarens is strong, sexy, and focused on her new role as commander of security on Aenna, but she's recovering from injuries she suffered a MORE...
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Jemma and Raven find forever on the eve of war. Jemma Cardnew is hard-nosed and determined. Her life consisted of growing up in an orphanage, only to be kidnapped and dumped at the academy without choice by th MORE...
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One man, one woman, one psychotic alien. The race is on to save humanity. Past, present, and future. Mellissa Davis is your average bookstore owner and aspiring romance author until one day an electronic bookp MORE...
The Star of Ishtar
Can two damaged hearts overcome the past and find a love that's endless? The first time Elara laid eyes on Grayson was when he rescued her from the clutches of a madman and his scientists who were kidnapping h MORE...
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