The Justice Fraternity Chronicles

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The Justice Fraternity Chronicles Box Set
Saving the world and falling in love. Launch into action with the Justice Fraternity Chronicles. Meet the team—Man of Wonder, Dinah-Go, Crypto-Man, and Sparrow—as they face the evil doers of Silver City and be MORE...
Fallen Love
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A fallen superhero finds new love, but can he keep it? After the love of his life turned evil, Sparrow throws himself into making the world better. Between battles, the extraordinary superhero is also the sole MORE...
Crypto Love
Sidekick becomes hero to save superheroes everywhere. Chris, aka Crypto Man, loves being a sidekick—especially the 'kicking' part. When he returns to his boyhood home to search for clues about a recent increas MORE...
Super Love
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Reuniting to save the world. Dinah just wanted to save the world. That didn't pan out, so she turned to social work, only to find herself miserable. When she's given the option of returning to the Justice Frat MORE...
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