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Unwanted Omega
0 ratings
Mated against their will and forced to have a child, Thomas and Helena hope now that they’ve done their duty, their alpha will leave them in peace to heal, raise their child—and allow Helena to spen MORE...
Lost Omega
1 ratings
Isaiah grew up without knowing the love and stability of a family. His parents died in a car accident when he was a toddler, and for years he bounced around between foster families and group homes, never really MORE...
Disgraced Omega
0 ratings
When his alpha abruptly disbands their pack, Frank is abandoned—who, after all, cares about a middle-aged omega from a pack that no longer exists? Left to fend for himself, with little hope of life eve MORE...
Forbidden Omega
0 ratings
Logan is worried about his mate, Sebastian. For months now Sebastian hasn't been sleeping well, is barely eating, and is becoming increasingly distant. Logan has no idea what's wrong with him, but his l MORE...