Hillcrest Farm

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Back in the Saddle
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Cameron loves his life as a horse trainer, taking in unwanted horses and getting them ready for new homes. He lives a simple life surrounded by his brothers and cousins. For Dion life could be simple too, if MORE...
Wildflowers and Lace
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Lyssa is ready to move on with her new life where she can be truly herself. She’s been trying new things, and a watercolor class sounds like fun. But when she gets there, no one wants to sit next to her. MORE...
All Tangled Up
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When Travis is told that he needs to start a hobby, he never expects to take up knitting. But a bright display in a yarn store has him stopping to check it out. There he meets Gavin, divorced father of a teenag MORE...
American Honey
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It’s Saturday night and nineteen-year-old beekeeper Dillon should be at home enjoying game night with his big family, but he can’t resist another trip to the strip club. It’s the only night he MORE...