Character Bleed

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Steadfast (MM)
0 ratings
A love story for the ages! An intimate confession! An epic quest! And happily ever after on the horizon ... Jason Mirelli loves Colby Kent. And Colby loves him. They’ve told the world. And Colby’ MORE...
Stalwart (MM)
0 ratings
Cameras, thunderstorms, and love confessions! And a secret or two ... Jason Mirelli couldn't be happier. Filming's going well, he loves his role, and he and Colby Kent have unexpectedly fallen for ea MORE...
Seaworthy (MM)
0 ratings
An epic motion picture! A gay Napoleonic War love story! Ballrooms and battles at sea! Romantic happy endings on the silver screen! And a film that’ll change everything for its stars ... Jason Mirelli MORE...