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Shae Mathews is the alter ego of an established author. Both of them love men, music, wine, coffee, and chocolate in no particular order and neither can resist a good book—the hotter, the better. They like variety but some of their tastes vary, so one day they decided that Shae would be the one who writes erotic ménage romance.

They don't really know where the journey will lead but Shae plans to write about all kinds of pairings because love is for all and variety is what makes the world the fascinating place it is.

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Q: What made you start writing?

A: Well, I've been interested in books for as long as I can remember and always wanted to be a published author. One day I just picked up the laptop, opened a file and started typing.

Q: Why did you pick erotic romance as your genre?

A: I didn't really "pick" the genre, because that would've been a conscious decision. I like romance books because, let's face it, the world isn't the most romantic place to live in and delving into a well-written story is the best escapism ever. The erotic element just comes naturally and adds some spice. What happens between the sheets has a huge impact on people's lives, so why shouldn't it play a role in stories, too?

Q: You state in your bio that you're the "alter ego of an established author". Would you care to explain that a bit further?

A: Yes, of course. You see, the author I share a headspace with prefers to write gay erotica and doesn't care much for girly bits whereas I'm quite happy to put a female between two hot men. Splitting up those different parts of our personality just seemed the logical thing to do and will hopefully make it easier for our readers to find books according to their tastes.

Q: What's your favourite kind of heroine to write about?

A: I like strong, confident women who know what they want and are not afraid to go after it.

Q: But Copper Jones, the heroine in your first book A Collar for Copper, is a submissive. Isn't that a contradiction?

A: No, not at all. Being submissive isn't the same as being a doormat. It means someone enjoys being dominated within a D/s relationship. That doesn't mean they can't stand their own ground. I fact, I think it takes both strength and confidence to hand over the power in a relationship and not feel inferior, although that may well be the switch in me speaking *grins*

Q: Okay, interesting point. And what's your favourite kind of hero?

A: The same as my heroines, basically. I like strong and confident men. They can be flawed and have a few issues to deal with, just as long as they know how to treat their women (and men) right.

Q: What can we expect from you in the future?

A: I will focus on writing ménage relationships, some of it with BDSM flavours, some not. Whatever crosses my mind, really, that isn't the type of story my alter ego writes.

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