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Stevie Klark lives in the heartland, and enjoys a quiet lifestye in the country. She writes love stories because she's always been in love with love, and believes in happy endings. She writes in the futuristic, fantasy, paranormal, and shapeshifter subgenres, because she's certifiably weird and wild at heart and has her own ongoing paranormal experiences.

Given Stevie loves animals, shapeshifters are natural characters for her and become vividly real in her imagination.

Stevie pens erotic romance because she adores passionate sizzling relationships and enjoys writing about the varied and splendid expressions of eroticism between lovers. She also believes that keeping the bedroom door, or any door, open for the reader is a must.

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Q: Why did you write a ManLove erotic romance?

A: During that 'twilight zone' time before falling asleep my two heroes made themselves known and tempted me with scenes from their love story. Intrigued, I let more of the plot unfold and also felt their grand passion for each other. At the time, their love story won out over other WIPs I was working on.

Q: So, when did it begin? When did you get bitten by the writing bug?

A: I was thirteen, on the shy side, and not in the in-group. But as fate would have it, one of my classmates found out I was writing little *kiss your hero* romances and asked if I would write one for them. I did, and that began the note-passing during class. One day in math class, the teacher caught us and grabbed the note. He asked what it was. I owned up while turning ten shades of red, but wouldn't tell him the note was one of my little kissing stories. Well, I ended up grabbing back my "romance story" from him. And, for some reason I don't understand to this day, the teacher let me get away with it and I didn't even get in trouble.

Q: When did you become serious about writing happily-ever-after romances?

A: I'd been reading romance novels, every one I could get my hands on, since my sister first gave me one of those early Regencies. I was twelve at the time. Over the years I became an avid reader of romances, especially when the epic-historical "bodice rippers" came on the market.

When there was a shift in quality, and after the first sci-fi/futuristic romance novels arrived on scene, I craved more of these subgenres romances. Also, I'd been studying various paranormal subjects for years so this was a natural reading realm for me. Anyway, like chocolate, I only wanted more, and since these type of romance reads were few and far between, I decided to write my own. Discovering there were no limits to my imagination was a beautiful thing.

Q: Inspiration, your writer's Muse, any challenges or roadblocks?

A: In that respect I'm one of the lucky ones. Just in living daily life, the inspiration for stories, for scenes, for plots, often overwhelms me. Also, my imagination is a constant companion and just can't be stopped. Let me tell you, I have the writer files on my hard drive to prove that. Plus, there's all those containers full of longhand and typed WIPs from years and years of writing romance.

As far as my beloved Muse *knock on wood* she has never failed me, no matter what impossible corner I pantser-paint myself into or what one of my characters suddenly reveals that I had no clue about. ~blink-oh-no-blink~

Q: What is your writing day like?

A: These days it's darn tricky. Even though I don't have a 9 to 5 job, I'm taking care of others which turns out to be a full-time job and more. So, I stay fueled on the herbal hot chocolate drinks I create and squeeze in writing time between everything that has to get done. Most days my life is crazy-busy like so many in these times. But when I finally get those quiet times, I can get quite a bit of writing accomplished. There's nothing like that feeling.

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