Get more with StrandBucks!

StrandBucks are an alternate payment method designed to reward customers for shopping at When you purchase StrandBucks, you get an instant reward, along with other perks.

Instant Bonus - The more StrandBucks you buy, the bigger the Bonus. Get up to 12% extra using StrandBucks.

No Minimum Order - Using StrandBucks allows you to bypass the minimum order amount of $3.49 that applies when you pay using PayPal or Credit Card.

One-Click Payment - When using StrandBucks at checkout, just click "Buy Now With StrandBucks" and your books are immediately available for download. No need to enter credit card numbers or log into PayPal. One-click Payment.

- - Get the minimum StrandBucks to make the purchase you want!
- - 8% Bonus: A great way to snag a couple of $.99 Time Release books for free!
- - 10% Bonus: Bonus dollars get you a bonus of $5.00 in your account.
- - 12% Bonus: A whopping $12.00 in StrandBucks credit added to your account. With that kind of "cha-ching", you can buy a lot of extra books at
- No longer avallable
Redeem Code
* StrandBucks can only be used on orders that are less than or equal to your StrandBucks balance.
* You can use only one form of payment: StrandBucks, PayPal, or a credit card, to complete your order. You cannot combine different forms of payment in one transaction.
* Account balances never expire.
* Balances can only be used at the website.
* Purchases are non-refundable.

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