Susan lives out on the Canadian west coast surrounded by open water, dear family and good friends. She’s jumped out of perfectly good airplanes on purpose and had lunch next to the Queen of Denmark by accident. She’s worked for local law enforcement, been a freelance wordsmith and bakes what she claims are the world’s best double-chocolate & caramel brownies. She’s passionately in love with the written word (and a few of her more hunky creations.) Writing is her joy, her escape from reality and the only way she knows of to quiet the nagging harridan of a muse she claims the universe assigned to her.

Q: Romance stories often include love at first sight. Do you believe it exists?

A: I believe in lust at first sight. Love usually takes at least a few seconds longer. The wonderful thing about love though, is once it's there, it keeps growing stronger.

Q: What do you find the most difficult part of writing?

A: Titles. I have yet to actually publish a book that didn't go through at least two title changes along the way. Surnames tend to change too. As the book and the characters evolve, I find I sometimes need to change them to suit the character.

Q: Do you believe you have a muse?

A: Absolutely. She's a temperamental vixen with a loud voice and a lousy sense of timing. She gets her best ideas when I'm busy doing other things, and if I am away from my keyboard too long she will kick up a fuss until I get back to writing. Of course, the moment I do start writing, she often flits off in a snit. We really need couples counseling.

Q: Everyone's heard the adage, “write what you know.” What parts of your books are based on what you know?

A: I've always loved scary stories and anything to do with the supernatural. If it's got vampires, ghosts, demons or anything that goes bump in the night, it's probably been on my nightstand or TV. (And one day I may even get through an entire movie or Walking Dead episode without having to close my eyes.) I've studied the folklore and mythology behind the monsters, so it was only natural to write about those same creatures.

Q: Early bird or night owl?

A: I will never be a morning person and there isn't enough coffee in the world to change that. Night is when all the interesting things happen anyway. Most of my writing happens in the afternoon and evening, while editing is for mornings. Right after I've had my coffee.

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