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     Susan Stitely grew into a spirited and adventurous young woman in Tylersburg, Pennsylvania, where she married the man of her dreams and rode off into the sunset in a Chevy pickup. She received a B.S. in Forest Land Management from Penn State and feels passionately about the outdoors. She enjoys traveling, caving, and reading with her two young princesses in training. Her travels led her to Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, where she now resides in a castle of her own making. Susan has discovered that the journey we call life is full of extraordinary opportunities and each adventure lies within the eyes of the beholder.
     As a storyteller, Susan strives to give her readers more than just a juicy read and racy exploits. Like the darkest caverns of J-4, she delves into the deepest crevices of the human mind, providing an analytical viewpoint. Nothing is sacred, yet every plot weighs heavily with underlying factors that sanctify the heart. Susan's ambitions as a writer fuels her desire to succeed, ultimately leaving the hearts of her readers to measure true success.
     As a mother, Susan describes motherhood as being the most rewarding and challenging aspects in her life. She rears her daughters by asking questions like: What direction do I see their young lives going? Will their childhood affect them as adolescents? What can I do to steer them into dynamic and blissful adults? Such questions are as true to the fictitious world as they are to our own. She firmly believes what we do today will ultimately affect and influence our children tomorrow.
     As a wife, Susan describes her marriage as an enchanted fable believing she's found her twin soul. She tackles tribulations head on with an optimistic and often wistful analysis on love and longevity. Live and Learn, that's her motto. One must first live before they can learn but one must learn to live before they can truly love another. Susan's romantic views, clearly ingrained within a melodic mind, compliment her hearts pursuits as a mother, as a wife, and as an extraordinary novelist.


Q: What inspires you to write?

A: Everything! The world in whole is bursting with imaginative possibilities and note worthy people. I carry a small notebook everywhere I venture to capture any and all notable comments and scenes. The human race is thought provoking. We are lurid creatures of habit, though we may not admit it. We eat, sleep, work, and yesmake whoopi. Writing allows me to eat my favorite foods (finger foods), fantasize over juicy plots, explore unbridled whoopi, and retire for the evening feeling satisfied with my writing endeavors.

Q: Does writing affect your sensuality?

A: Absolutely. I could never write about something that isn't conceivable in the true-to-life visage. Therefore, I always experiment with my husband. I'll portray the essence of a current heroine with seductive charm or exuberant sass, depending on characteristic traits. He's a very lucky man, or so I've been told.

Q: Who is your ideal heroine?

A: I prefer heroines that are strong and compassionate. My heroines are neither leaders nor followers. They meander, weaving in and out of any situation I set forth. They are doves in search of eternal mates and must fly with their own wings. They're playful, witty, and beautiful, both inside and out. They're resourceful and know exactly what they want from an alpha male.

Q: With that said, what kind of Alpha males do these heroines search for?

A: Strong and capable! An alpha male must be strong enough to follow the heroine to hell and back but capable of turning said hell into a sensual and pleasurable experience. He must be willing to sacrifice his own life in the name of love. An alpha male lacks nothing while seeking his twin soul. He is peerless and unscrupulous enough to have any woman. He is an incredible lover with undeniable tastes. Carnal instincts flow freely throughout his veins, fueling mannish desires.

Q: Do you have a "writing formula" that you adhere to?

A: No. I keep all options out on the table so to speak. I allow the plot to develop naturally, which generates intricate subplots. I prefer to write epic novels that are complex, dynamic, and fundamentally dark.

Q: Explain dark.

A: I prefer tortured souls and evil rogues to happy-go-lucky and sappy plots. I pick apart the human soul until I find what makes the heart tick. Once I find what I'm looking for, I wring out the emotions onto paper. The heroines and alpha males must fight to overcome what their hearts perceive as guarded. Their conflicts fuel the plot's desire to see them fail. True love prevails only when the plot deems the heart worthy.

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