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Suzanna and the Angels (A Once in a Lifetime Fiction Story)

Written Expressions, LLC

Heat Rating:
Word Count: 4,180
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Suzanna is curious about the picture that the older woman sitting across from her is holding, while she waits anxiously in the hospital waiting room. Despite waiting to hear news about her husband Tony--and despite the fact that she's pregnant--nothing will stop her curiosity. Now she must face an emotional journey and learn to see beyond herself.

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I sat alone in the waiting room at the emergency building with no one to speak to. The older woman sitting across from me looked down at her lap where she held a photograph delicately in her hands. She gazed at it lovingly, caressing it. My eyes scanned her body – no sign of her purse. I wondered who she was; why she was here.
Maybe she wondered why I was here, too. Among all the other strangers around me, she was the only one who had caught my attention. Although I was worried about my husband’s well-being, I needed to speak to someone. My husband, Tony, didn’t know I was here, and he didn’t know I was aware of the accident at his construction job.
My nerves always got the best of me in these situations, but I felt more curious about the woman.
I marveled at the photograph she held. My body and feet responded to this thought; I stood up and walked to the seat beside her. Shifting and sitting, I could see the photograph showed a handsome young man dressed with a gangster flare. He wasn’t smiling; he looked very serious, reminding me of my husband’s expression whenever he was asked to smile. Tony never smiled.
“Your son?” I asked finally.