The Eternal Kiss

Purple Sword Publications, LLC

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 75,031
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Diego Viteri has lived for centuries with only one real goal, to avenge himself against the one who destroyed the man that he was and created the creature he is now. He is suffering a growing loneliness that is becoming impossible to ignore. His only reason for not ending his life is to see that Brakka is served his justice, and then Diego can rest.

The last thing he is expecting is to have an encounter with a human woman who is willing to jump between himself and Brakka during a harsh and bloody battle. Their one meeting changes everything for Diego, bringing to life emotions and wants that he has long believed to be dead to him.

As he follows Titania and her band, his needs reshape into something that he can't ignore. Before he knows what he has done, he bonds with her and sets into motion the very thing he swore he would never do to another person. He has shared his curse and in the process may have very well killed her. And there is only one choice to be made to try to save her.

The Eternal Kiss
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Eternal Kiss

Purple Sword Publications, LLC

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 75,031
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Anastasia Rabiyah

Her hand skimmed over his shoulder to wrap into his hair. She pulled him closer and he lay down with her, his full length eclipsing her.

He could not help himself. He found the hardened peak of one tempting breast and sucked gently. She arched and let out a shriek, her arms capturing his head and holding him prisoner. Hunger flared, seared him as he caressed and laved at that hard nub.

“Kiss me.”

He rose instantly to those luscious lips, answering the plea in her voice, in his thoughts. Her desire whipped his to a new level, a hunger for her completion, for her body, disturbing his sanity.

Diego tugged her bottom lip into his mouth, swirling his tongue over the sensitive skin inside, and his body clenched at her whimpers. He thrust within, his tongue meeting hers, mating, stroking at the sweet allure of her mouth.

He found the corner of her lips, caressing tenderly as he roamed along her jaw, her head tipped on the pillow to his hungry exploration. His heart thundered in rare ecstasy as he tasted her, sipped at the delicate texture beneath her ear.

He inhaled her sweet essence as he’d done numerous times, listening to the steady beat of her blood through her body. He snapped his head back sharply, blinking. He trembled as a bolt of hunger razed him.

“What’s wrong?” Titania asked, staring up at him, frozen, immediately catching his confusion in his actions and in his thoughts. There was no way to hide any of it as sudden as the urgency to feast on her taste had blazed through him.

“Nothing. I think.” He lowered to her neck, right over his claiming mark, and inhaled. His fangs exploded into place with a raging hunger, striking him hard and deep. He whipped his head away before she could see the flames in his gaze, the telltale fangs. One thing he would never do is frighten her by what he was.

Her hand curved to her neck, right where he’d discovered that intoxicating drug to his senses. “Intense,” she said, watching him carefully.

“It will pass,” he somehow managed in a graveled and hunger-laden voice.

“Is it because you need to eat?” she asked. Caution tinged her words.

He almost smiled at her careening thoughts. He remained faced away from her instead. “I am not thinking of snacking, cara.”

“What happened?” She touched his chin with her fingertips, applying a subtle pressure, turning him.

Dark lashes hid his worst thoughts and the likely heat that his kind couldn’t control when the bloodlust overtook them. “It is stronger, sweeter.” He drew a deep breath and released it slowly. A forced and necessary action to calm his desires and hungers. He would never hurt her. Never. “I can control this.”

“Would it be bad? Because I am now like you?”

“Honestly, I do not know.”

Big, blue eyes shimmered up at him, her mouth growing supple. She tilted her head, exposing her throat by removing her hand and laying it flat on the bed. Complete offering. “I trust you.”

He stared at her without blinking, stunned at her gift. “Cara, I do not know if it will harm you.”

“Why would you feel so strongly for it, then? Has it been like this before?”

He thought back and had to shake his head. “No. Not like this.” Never like this.

Caring fingers danced across his chin, trailed down his own neck, and muscles clenched from his jaw to his toes in answer. “Diego, I feel it too. I want to share with you. I want to know how it feels for you. I want to know it is only me you feel this way for.”

He buried his face into her shoulder. “Titania. It is only you. Do you not know that?”

She tilted once more. “Then show me.”

Diego did not know if he should pray or cry in gratitude. Titania was the most unselfish being in his entire world. This was from her, to him. Simply because he wanted it.

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